Concise Beneficial Fiqh Regarding Ramadan


“Concise Beneficial Fiqh Regarding Ramadan”.

The book was organized from the curriculum of Madinah University from their Arabic Institute. Well organized but the proofs was not enough or clear. So added articles from Mulakis Fiqhi from Shaykh Dr. Salih Fawzan al-Fawzan, and Questions and Answers regarding Ramadan from Former Mufti Abdul Azeez bin Baz rahimahullah. And Al-Wajeeze from Shaykh Dr. Abdul Adheem Badawi from Ansar Sunnah Muhammadiya from Egypt fiqh book. And a statement from Shaykh Salih Uthaymeen about what a just Adal (just) Muslim for sighting the moon.

The sections in the book are-

  • Intro into Ramadan excerpt from Shaykh Fawzan’s Khutbah about Ramadan.
  • Then defining Siyaam fasting.
  • The Superiority of As-Saum [fasting] The Ruling of the fast of Ramadan How to Establish the Beginning and the Ending of Ramadan
  • The Pillars of Saum [fasting] Who is Ramadan’s Fast Obligatory Upon What is Desired for the Fasting Person
  • Nullifiers of the Fast 
  • Breastfeeding and Pregnant Woman’s Fast
  • Much More!

Translated and Compiled by Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah bin Earl bin Earl A’l Allister al-Amreeki

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  1. jazakAllahu khyrn ..this is a huge topic for dispute for the muslims. may Allah guide us and protect us ameen and yet its so simple … may Allah forgive us ameen


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